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The New Testament tells us that every Christian is given a gift by the Spirit for the work of ministry, and that all of us together are members of the body of Christ, the Christ who calls us to live out the meaning of the gospel. Part of that call is service in and for the church.



Session is responsible for the spiritual and programmatic leadership of the church.  

This includes: 

·       Listening together for the leading of God’s Spirit and interpreting it to the congregation 

·       Caring for the spiritual life of the congregation 

·       Governing the congregation (i.e. making decisions about membership, budget, order, etc.) and participating in the governing bodies of the larger church (Presbytery, Synod, General Assembly) 

·       Envisioning the life and mission of the church and engaging members in active service.  The pattern of leadership in the Presbyterian Church (USA) is service, not power. While it is an honor to be called by the voice of the congregation as a leader, the role of Elder is an active, not an honorary one. Though the Session delegates authority to other groups, it remains the final decision-making body and is ultimately responsible for the health, nurture, and discipline of the church and its members. The Pastor of the church is the moderator of Session. 

Time and Talent Expectations - Commitment 

Regular & Special meetings 

Third Monday, 7:00 pm – As scheduled

With persons requesting Baptism

With Inquirers requesting membership

Occasional meetings as need arises (usually brief)

Assisting in Worship Services

Attend one Presbytery meeting during term

Assist in Serving Communion 

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Nomination Deadline October 17th

If you would like to download a hardcopy, use the link below and return it in an envelope to the church before Oct. 17th