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Date: 12/3/2023

Title:  The Buoyancy of Hope 

Text:  Isaiah 40:27-31 - NIV

Theme:  Advent - HOPE

Date: 11/26/2023

Title:  Beginning Again

Text:  John 3:1-8 - NIV

Theme:  God wants to dwell in us.

Date: 11/19/2023

Title: A New Beginning

Text: John 1:1-5, 14-15 - NIV

Theme:  God makes a dwelling in the body of Jesus Christ.

Date: 11/12/2023

Title: In the Beginning

Text: Genesis 1 - NIV

Theme: Beginnings

Date: 11/5/2023

Title: Before the Beginning

Text: Ephesians 1:3-14 - NIV

Theme: Beginnings

Date: 10/29/2023

Title: Our Christian Instruction Manual – DIY?

Text: Matthew 22:34-40

Theme: The Greatest Commandment 

Date: 10/22/2023

Title:  Glimpses of Heaven

Text:  Matthew 22:23-33

Theme:  Keeping Cool in a Heavenly Debate 

Date: 10/15/2023

Title:  Stay the Course

Text:  Mark 1:38

Theme:  The Mission of St. Andrews.

Date: 10/8/2023

Title:  No Questions Asked

Text:  Luke 15:24 - And they began to celebrate.

Theme:  God welcomes everyone.

Date: 10/1/2023

Title:  Marks of the Church: Extravagant Generosity

Text:  2 Corinthians 9:11

Theme:  Stewardship

Date: 9/24/2023

Title: Marks of the Church: Risk-taking Mission and Service 

Text:  Matthew 25:40

Theme:  Outreach Ministry

Date: 9/17/2023

Title:  Marks of the Church: Intentional Faith Development

‌Text: Acts 2:42

Theme: Intentional Faith Development

Date: 9/10/2023

Title: Marks of the Church: Passionate Worship

Text: Psalm 84:1-2a

Theme:  Passionate Worship       

Date: 9/3/2023

Title: Radical Hospitality

Text: Romans 12:13b - Extend hospitality to strangers...

Theme: Distinctive Marks of the Christian: Part 1 Hospitality         

Date: 8/27/2023

Title: You Talkin’ to Me?

‌            Text: Matthews 16:13-20 - NRSV  

Theme:  Be confident in who Jesus is.

Date: 8/20/2023

Title: Proper Heart Hygiene

‌            Text: Matthews 15:10-20 - NRSV  

Theme:  Consuming and grooming for a Christ-like heart.