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Series: Practicing Resurrection

Title: Bold

Text:  John 20:24-29 - NIV

Theme:  Jesus’ followers live with confidence.    

Series: Practicing Resurrection

Title:  Confident

Text:  John 20:24-29 - NIV

Theme:  Jesus’ followers live with confidence.    

Series: Practicing Resurrection

Date: 4/7/2024

Title:   Inspired

Text:   John 20:19-23

Theme:   Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to be with his disciples.

Date: 3/31/2024

Title: Everything Sad IS Untrue

Text:  John 20:1-18 - NIV

Theme: He Is Risen, Indeed!

Date: 3/29/2024

Title: Tenebrae Service

Text:  Multiple Scriptures - NIV

Theme: Good Friday 

Date: 3/28/2024

Title: The Command

Text:  John 13:1-17; 31b-35 - NIV

Theme Maundy Thursday   

Date: 3/24/2024

Title:  Hosanna

Text:  John 12:12-19 - NIV

Theme:  Palm Sunday    

Date: 3/17/2024

Title:  Anointed One

Text:  John 12:1-11 - NIV

Theme:  Jesus is God's anointed one. He is worthy of our praise.

Date: 3/10/2024

Title:  The Seventh Sign: Resurrection

Text:  John 11:1-44 - NIV

Theme:  God's plan for us - moving from death to life.

Date: 3/3/2024

Title:  The Sixth Sign: Sight

Text:  John 9:1-17 - NIV

Theme:  Jesus is the light that makes it possible to see in this dark world.

Date: 2/25/2024

Title:  The Fifth Sign: Trust

Text:  John 6:16-24 - NIV

Theme:  Jesus is trustworthy.  We can trust him to guide our


Date: 2/18/2024

Title:  The Fourth Sign: Authority

Text:  John 6:1-15 - NIV

Theme:  Jesus' kingship is authorized in heaven, not on earth.

Date: 2/14/2024

Title:  Who Is Without Sin?

Text:  John 8:1-11 - NIV

Theme:   Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

Date: 2/11/2024

Series: Signs and Wonders

Title:  The Third Sign: Sabbath

Text:  John 5:1-18 - NIV

Theme:  God's kingdom is a true sabbath; a time and place of restoration for all.

Date: 2/4/2024

Series: Signs and Wonders

Title:  The Second Sign: Healing

Text:  John 4:43-54 - NIV

Theme:  In God's kingdom, life is not threatened by illness or disease.

Date: 1/28/2024

Series: Signs and Wonders

Title:  The First Sign: Abundance

Text:  John 2:1-12 - NIV

Theme:  In God’s kingdom, there is enough for everyone.  In fact, the best is yet to come.

Date: 1/21/2024

Title:  Three Days in the Life of John

Text:  John 1:19-42 - NIV

Theme:  John bears witness to Jesus by stepping away from the limelight.