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Volunteer Ministry

Good day to you,

I was recently awarded title of Volunteer Coordinator for the Christian Education Committee (CEC) at SAPCD. My family has been coming to St. Andrew’s church for almost 11 years now and been involved with the kid’s ministry since day one so I am excited to take on this role! We’ve witnessed first hand how comforting & necessary having a youth program is for the child, as well as the parents, and the church itself.

SAPCD & CEC are currently looking for our next Student Director. This person will be paid by the church, fulfilling roles required as well as they’ll be expected to develop & grow the student ministry. Building a dynamic program WILL grow the church! We want to make sure that every child that comes through the doors knows how much love our Jesus Christ has to give. We want them to know how kind, good & powerful our God is. They will never have to walk alone in this world if we get this message to them.

To have the ministry be successful takes tithing of time by persons like you.

We want to place you in a volunteer setting that you’re comfortable with so your spirit can do the most good! Please find included with this letter a sign up for you ( & whomever else you know who may want to volunteer) to fill in with your availability, and circle the place(s) where your heart & service would prefer to be.

Bring this sign up page to church & place in marked box in the lobby OR take picture & text to me at: 727-309-4446 OR email to: shannon@sapcd.org

The sooner I get back the better so I can start coordinating & communicating with you & the others for December & the next community outreach event we are trying to plan.

Volunteer Registration Form

Thank you so much for your time & attention to this!

Shannon Greene