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Memorial Garden

St. Andrews Kirk Memorial Gardens


The St. Andrews Memorial Gardens Committee has developed, and the Session has approved, a plan for expanded and re-landscaped memorial gardens which include the property where Kirk Hall is being removed. The Celtic cross will continue to be the focal point of the gardens. In front of the cross will be a beautiful garden with pavers and granite memorial stones. The names of deceased members of St. Andrews will be etched into the granite stones, and the paved area will be in the shape of a ship in memory of Kirk Hall. It will also provide space for temporary seating for informal memorial services. The area just east of this St. Andrews Kirk Memorial Garden will be the Westminster Church (New Port Richey) Memorial Garden, with a paver base and a granite memorial stone with the names of deceased members from that church. The remaining land where Kirk Hall now sits will become a peaceful meditation garden with walking paths, benches, several smaller gardens, and an area outside the patio room for small group meetings and family picnics. The illustrations at the end of this document show the overall plan and the details of the two churches’ separate memorial spaces.

Bronze Name Plaques

Because of the demolition of Kirk Hall, the brass plaques of deceased members have been removed from its wall. The existing plaques are badly degraded and, on professional advice, should not be reused. The plaques have been saved, and all of the information on them as well as their placement on the wall has been saved in spreadsheets and photographs. That information will be transferred (as it appeared on the original plaques) onto the granite stones to be placed in the new St. Andrews Kirk Memorial Garden. Copies of the spreadsheets, photographs, and the original plaques themselves are being stored in the church’s former prayer room, located near the rear of the church office. A committee member will be available at that room between Sunday services from now until the end of June. You may take home your loved one’s plaque(s) at those times or by making arrangements with Ron Marston in the church office during regular business hours (727-734-5493) or by email ron@sapcd.org.

Additional Option to Group Family Name

From now until the end of June, you may ask that the names of your family members whose plaques were separated on the wall be grouped together on the new stones. You may also sign up yourself or other living members of your family to have your (their) names and date(s) of birth etched into the granite stones. Each new name will be added for a cost of $200 which includes the later etching of date of death.

Other Opportunities to Contribute to the Gardens

The plans for the memorial gardens also include possible special features such as benches, specially etched pavers, and upright granite features with Bible verses, which can be donated by individuals or families. Contact a member of our committee if you want more information.

The committee is excited to begin creating the gardens once Kirk Hall is razed. The project will proceed in phases, and will take about 2 years to complete. Funding for the project is available and approved from an existing dedicated memorial gardens fund. We have a small group of dedicated church members who will take on this work, and we could certainly use more help in creating and maintaining the gardens.  

If you have any questions, please contact Lu Taylor lutaylor123@gmail.com, Kelli Edwards kelli@resource4seniors.com, or Cal Pierson minerals2@outlook.com.

Engraving Information Form

Engraving information forms are available in the church office or online.

Aerial views of each area

Aerial View of Kirk Memorial Gardens
St. Andrews Kirk Memorial Garden - Ship
NPR- Memorial Gardens

Pre-Registration Engraving on Granite Memorial Stones

All of the information from the original brass plaques, including their placement on the wall, has been saved and will reappear on the granite stone when the Kirk Memorial Garden is completed.

For a limited time, you will have the option to group your families names together before we request the granite stones for engraving.

If you are interested in having your name and date of birth added to the granite memorial stones along with your loved one, please fill out the information below or download the form, fill it out, and turn it into the church office.

The cost for the engraving is $200 per name.

Please check spelling before hitting Submit Request button.

Use the button below to download and fill out the information needed for engraving.